Welcome to ExoLogic Corporation.

ExoLogic is recognized as the world leader in BI (Business Intelligence) platform migration expertise and related applications, easing the lack of effective interoperability and portability in the maturing BI/BPM product space. Where most organizations end up with duplicative stacks of BI products, there now exists a practical route to standardizing their BI/BPM stacks efficiently into one product.

ExoLogic's flagship software product, CubePort™, represents a true paradigm shift in the BI/BPM arena by allowing real, practical portability, and giving customers new capabilities and scale-up potential.  Read More

We customarily perform high-quality Software Development, Data Modeling, and associated Consulting Services.


Because of the quality of our products and services, we are proud to be a recognized ISV and official vendor for Microsoft Corporation, and certified Microsoft Partner.